What you should know about Returns, Missing Items, and Refunds

Refunds are usually provided in situations where a buyer receives a product or order in a damaged or faulty state, or an order fails to materialize altogether. Buyers can also change their mind about the purchase and request a refund, but sellers may have differing policies on these returns.

In the case of a product totally failing to arrive after being shipped, most buyers can simply request a refund or replacement item in the mail. Check the seller’s return and refund policies to learn more about your options on each order.

The Grumpy Cherry Order Refund Process:

  1. Contact the seller directly from your Dashboard and inform them of the problem—that the item hasn’t arrived or it did so and is being returned for some reason.
  2. It’s always preferable to resolve returns and refunds with the seller, rather than involving third parties. Give them 3 business days as a reasonable timeframe to respond to your request.
  3. We’re here to help, so just ask when you need it! After 3 business days, we’ll step in and do what we can to fix the problem.

Contact the seller about an issue

If there’s any issue with an order, first contact the seller to inform them of the issue. If an item hasn’t been delivered or arrived and is damaged or faulty, most sellers are glad to find a mutual resolution. You’re always covered by our money-back guarantee!

Get help with an item that hasn’t arrived

Still waiting for a purchased item to arrive? Check for the delivery due date. If that has passed, inform the seller for more help. The seller should be able to update you on the targeted delivery, provide a replacement, or offer a refund.

Getting your refund on an item return

There are many reasons you might need to return an item, from damage and defects to missing shipments to simply changing your mind. Often, it’s up to the seller whether they will refund or replace it based on your situation.

Need help with guest purchases?

If an item was purchased as a guest, the buyer policies still guarantee your satisfaction. The seller must still help resolve an issue if a delivery is wrong or an item damaged.

How to work things out with the seller

After a seller is informed of an issue, they have 3 business days to resolve it. Buyers can check the status of requests during this time. If a return is being processed, the seller may need the item shipped back.

Review Your Request Status

Check back regularly during the 3 business days a seller has to resolve an item issue. This lets you stay informed of any steps required on your end.

Shipping returns for buyers

After a seller has accepted a return request, the item may need to be shipped back. Shipping costs are determined by the reason it’s being returned. A damaged or faulty item is the seller’s responsibility, but if the buyer just changed their mind, it depends on the seller’s return policy.

Contact Our Help Team

We want buyers and sellers to have the smoothest experience possible on the Grumpy Cherry platform. So we remain available to resolve any outstanding issues that buyers and sellers can’t handle between themselves. Contact us to explain your needs and we’ll open a case for the review!

Help For Buyers

Most of the time sellers will be able to resolve your issue, but if the seller hasn’t been able to fix things for you after 3 business days, you can ask us to step in and help. We’ll consider all the details and be as fair as possible with our decision.

Appeal a Buyer Case Decision

Disagree with our decision about a case resolution? Buyers and sellers can request our team to take another look. To request this appeal, you must show new details that must be considered, such as photos detailing the damage done to an item. Our final decision will arrive within 48 hours.

To Contact Sellers

The method of contacting a seller is determined on whether you’ve bought an item from the seller or not.

Need to contact a seller pre-purchase?

Some sellers have a policy of not accepting questions from buyers until after a transaction is completed or at least in progress. Their seller profiles should list information on this option.

How to contact sellers

There are many ways to contact a seller, the easiest being the inquiry on their profile or on the product listing. You can also have sent messages copied to your email for records purposes.

Note: Keep your contact information current so sellers can reach out after purchases. Your contact information can be updated via the Contact Details portion of your account.

The Seller’s Phone Number

If a seller has provided a phone number, it is visible on the listing. Select the contact form and options. If a seller sends an email, you can respond to it and may also be able to see their phone number if it was shared.

Purchase Items Off-Platform

We do everything possible to protect our buyers and sellers, and so contact information is not allowed to be shared to complete off-site sales. This heightens the risk to buyers and sellers and removes protections against fraud. If a seller requests that a transaction be completed off-site, please contact us.

Review our fraud policies or missing contact information overviews for more on the issue.

How to Appeal an Unpaid Item

While most transactions go smoothly, occasionally buyers won’t pay for an item purchased or won in an auction. If so, the seller can enact an unpaid item appeal against the buyer. If our team discovers the buyer did not pay, an unpaid item is recorded on their account.

If the buyer later offers proof of payment, the unpaid item record might be removed on our jurisdiction. They may also show that the seller changed transaction terms, such as the price, shipping, or payment method post-sale. The buyer also has the chance to appeal on account of potential fraud.

Note: Any buyer who wins an item in auction or purchase is contractually obligated to pay for it.

To Appeal Unpaid Items

If you’re a buyer with an unpaid item on your record, you can appeal by filing a Support Ticket. This requires proof of payment, a change of terms, or that your account was compromised.

Acceptable Forms of Proof:

  • Emails between you and the seller confirm the item was paid for.
  • Copy of payment confirmation such as an email or statement from your payment provider.
  • If a seller left positive feedback regarding the transaction, include that item number in the unpaid appeal form.
  • Seller communications stating the buyer’s excuse from the transaction proceedings.

Please Note: If a buyer provides proof of having paid or that transaction details were changed after the sale, an unpaid item record can sometimes be removed.

How to handle feedback disputes

Feedback is left to know other buyers about the experience with a seller. This most often means positive feedback (hopefully!). But sometimes the transaction experience isn’t as smooth and a buyer may leave negative feedback. A seller can dispute this if they believe the feedback wasn’t fair.

Note: If there’s a problem with your order, contact the seller and try to resolve it before you leave feedback.

Reasons for Disputing Negative Feedback:

The issue that caused the negative feedback is one that neither the seller or buyer had any real control over (such as shipping issues)

You posted negative feedback for a past issue that is now resolved, and the seller is hoping you can revise your feedback to reflect the positive situation.

Sometimes feedback is unfair or doesn’t take everything into account

Feedback revision requests from the seller’s end will notify you via email with instructions and all relevant details. You, as the buyer who provided the feedback, have 10 business days to accept or reject this.

Accept the Request – Just click the email link and go through the simple process to revise your previous feedback.

Reject the Request – Click the decline option in the email and make sure to clearly submit your reasoning for doing so.

7 days after the initial notification email, you’ll get an update and reminder if no action has been taken on the revision request. After 10 days, inactive feedback revision requests are simply passed on.

To report an issue with sellers

All members must follow site policies to keep buyers and sellers safe and secure. If a seller is not following our policies, alert us so we can investigate the matter.

If an item purchased hasn’t arrived, or arrived damaged, faulty, or not matching the seller’s description, don’t report them. Use one of the following options:

It hasn’t arrived yet

If your item hasn’t arrived, your purchase is covered by our Money-back guarantee. Either you receive the bought item, or you get refunded.

You can ask the seller for a refund directly, or the seller might send out a replacement item.

Check your item’s delivery information

An item might still just be in transit, so check the delivery status before doing anything else. This is found in your purchase history, including the delivery ETA and shipping address.

Wrong address?

If you gave the seller an incorrect shipping address, fix it by contacting the seller and update the address. If they’ve already shipped the item, there may not be anything they can do. But if not, they should be able to update and send it to the right place.

Note: If an item is listed as being delivered or the ETA delivery date has passed, see if any of your neighbors received the delivery while you were not home.

Inform the seller of the item’s non-delivery

If an item’s delivery date has passed and it hasn’t arrived, inform the seller. You have up to 30 days from the estimated delivery time to let the seller know. Once you’ve done so, the seller has 3 business days to update you on the delivery, refund the purchase, or send a replacement.

Follow the instructions below to report an item hasn’t been delivered:

  • Go to your Orders in your Dashboard
  • Select the “Support” button by the item
  • Choose the reason
  • Write whether you want a refund or the item replaced and send a message to the seller

Once the seller is informed, you can check your request status at any time.

Get your refund

If a seller offers a refund, this must be issued within 2 business days. An email will confirm when this happens.

PayPal refunds can take 3-5 business days. A credit card payment may take up to 30 days.

Please note that it’s possible for an item to arrive after it’s been refunded. If this occurs, contact the seller ASAP and agree to either return the item and keep the refund or reimburse the seller for the accepted goods.

Get our help

Most sellers are willing to resolve the problem when an item doesn’t arrive. However, if they haven’t managed to do so after 3 business days, our team is here to help.

How to return your item

Items can be returned if they arrive damaged or fault. You can also change your mind and ask if the seller is willing to accept the return.

If the item received doesn’t match the listing description, or is damaged or faulty, the money-back guarantee covers the purchase, and can be returned even if the seller doesn’t accept returns.

No longer want the item? Look at the seller’s listing to see if a return is available, request deadlines, and other conditions.

Once a return is begun, the seller has 3 business days to respond and resolve the matter. Otherwise, our team steps in after this to help.

How to start a return

  • Choose the item to return from your Dashboard. After a return case is opened, it can be reviewed at any time.
  • Select Support in your Dashboard.
  • Choose the reason for the return.
  • Add any photos showing damages or defaults.
  • Submit the request.

When a buyer initiates a return request, sellers have 3 business days to respond in the manner of their choosing.

Accept – The seller agrees with the return request and also agrees to refund the item cost, shipping cost, and return shipping.

Partial Acceptance – The seller offers a portion of the total cost and the buyer keeps the item in question.

Replacement – The seller, instead of refunding all or part of the purchase and shipping price, simply swaps in a new product (whether an exact replacement or one of equal value) to satisfy the buyer.

Clarification – The seller may wish to get more info on why the return is being requested so they can make a better decision.

As usual, email notifications are sent to the buyer when the seller has made their decision on next steps.

Changed your mind about an item?

Accept the request and refund – After you return the item, the seller refunds the purchase, including the shipping cost and pays for return shipping.

Partially refund and let the buyer keep the item – A good compromise when buyers aren’t fully satisfied, but don’t mind keeping the item.

Provide a replacement or exchange the item – Replace or exchange the item rather than providing a refund.

Decline the request – If a buyer changes their mind about the purchase, sellers have the right to decline a return request. They may also state this in their returns policies, and returns can be declined if the seller’s return request deadline isn’t met.

Request further information – Sellers can ask for extra details to determine their response.

After the seller responds, you’ll get an email notification with next step details.

Return the item

After a seller accepts the return request, an email will notify you of this. You must return the item within 5 business days. Shipping costs can be covered by either the seller or buyer depending on the reason for the return.

We recommend tracking your shipping on an item return. This prevents delays or other issues, and can confirm that the item return has been received by the seller.

Repack items carefully when returning them so they are received in the same condition. Review our fully returned items policies here.

Note: A signature confirmation is required for any item returned that’s valued over $750.

Receive a refund

After a seller receives the returned item or agreed to refund and let the item remain in your possession, the seller has 2 business days to process the refund. An email notification is sent out when this occurs.

PayPal refunds usually take 3-5 business days. Credit cards can take 30 days. .

Get our help

Most sellers are willing to resolve the problem when an item doesn’t arrive. However, if they haven’t managed to do so after 3 business days, our team is here to help.

How to cancel a return request

Changed your mind about a return request case? It’s easy to cancel with the following steps:

Navigate to the item in your Dashboard section.

Please contact the seller for the cancellation

Tell your reason for doing so.

Once a case is canceled, it can’t be reopened.

Abuse of the Money-back guarantee

Sellers and buyers may try to abuse the return guarantee and refunds on our platform. If they’re caught doing so, their account can be limited or suspended altogether. Reasons for this include:

Listing wrong reasons for returns

Falsely claiming item conditions for returns

Performing too many returns

View full details about our returns policies and money-back guarantee.

Please Note: Even if the seller’s return policy states that they don’t accept returns, any item that arrives faulty, damaged, or not matching the description can be returned.

How to avoid seller fraud

We do everything possible to keep our buyers and sellers safe. See any suspicious activity? Tell us!

Sellers who misrepresent themselves or their items fall under the fraud category. Look for these warning signs:

Short-term listings – Scamming sellers fare better when they close quick deals. The more a listing is public, the higher the chances of being caught. One-day listings are a concern (though some are legitimate).

High-discount or out-of-stock items – When a seller has numerous high-price items at low cost, or offers items that aren’t available via any other vendor, it’s likely a suspicious circumstance. Something seems too good to be true? Probably is!

Off-platform sales – In-platform messaging is the best way to communicate with buyers and sellers. People who want to take you off-platform or ask for your private contact details are often trying to defraud you, and any purchases done outside of the system aren’t protected.

Unsafe payment methods – Certain payment methods are blocked because they don’t protect buyers and sellers well enough. Sellers who require these should not have business conducted with.

Note: Did a buyer account just switch over to selling a bunch of high-price items? Be careful!

If a seller seems fraudulent…

Dealing with a potentially suspicious seller? Contact us and we’ll handle it.

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