Transaction Cancellation

If there’s some reason you can’t complete a sale with a buyer, such as the item is damaged or you are out of stock, the transaction can be canceled.

Try avoiding transaction cancelations if at all possible. This is labeled a transaction defect and can negatively affect your seller performance levels, plus buyers can leave negative or neutral feedback on your profile.

Transaction cancellations are possible if:

  • The item hasn’t been sent yet.
  • We haven’t stepped in to respond to a buyer support request due to an item not being received.
  • The unpaid item case hasn’t been open.

To cancel a transaction, select the button below. The buyer will be notified and will receive a refund if they’ve already paid.

Steps to cancel a transaction

  1. In your sales panel, go to orders or purchase history
  2. Select the transaction to be canceled and choose the “Cancel” option
  3. Select a reason for the transaction cancellation and click Continue.

Note: Transactions can be canceled up to 30 days post-sale, even if a buyer has already paid.

Post Transaction Cancellation

For managed payments sales or those using Paypal, refunds are fully and automatically issued. If another payment method was used, the buyer must confirm their refund before cancellation is finished. Once the refund is processed, the seller receives a credit for the final value fee.

Interested in learning more about refunds?

Buyer-requested cancellations

To cancel an order, buyers must submit the cancellation request. Once the seller receives this, they have 3 days to accept or decline the request. If accepted and the order is already paid for, the seller has 10 days to issue a refund. If that doesn’t occur, the buyer can then submit a refund claim through the Money-back guarantee service.

For a buyer-cancelled transaction, they cannot leave negative or neutral feedback on your seller profile.

Receiving credit for the final value fee

A cancellation must be complete for the seller to receive a final value fee credit. For buyers who use credit/debit cards, Google Pay, PayPal, or Apple Pay, as soon as the account is shown as refunded, the refund is complete. If any other method was used, then the buyer must confirm receipt of their funds.

You’ll receive final value fee credit 7-10 days after the cancellation is complete.

For managed payments sellers, payments processing fees are also refunded if the buyer is fully refunded as well for any requested return, or cancellation request.

Please Note: Seller-cancelled transactions can affect seller performance levels and ratings, but buyer-cancelled transactions do not.

Buyers can request a cancellation within 1 hour of purchase so long as the item hasn’t been dispatched by the seller. For over an hour, the buyer must contact the seller and directly request an order cancellation.

Inform the seller as quickly as possible of a cancellation is necessary. But if the item has already been shipped, the seller can’t cancel the order by themselves.

If a seller confirms an order cancellation, they have 10 days to refund the buyer via the same payment method used.

Note: If a purchase has more than one item, the whole transaction must be cancelled, not individual parts.

Orders Within 1 Hour

If a purchase order was made within the last hour and the item hasn’t been sent yet:

Navigate to your purchase history and select the order to cancel

Click on the Cancel action and submit

The seller will be contacted to confirm the item hasn’t been sent, and then you’ll receive an email and Message to confirm the cancellation.

Order More Than 1 Hour

If your order took place over an hour ago, contact the seller to request that they cancel it for you.

Navigate to your purchase history and select the order to cancel.

Select Contact Seller and explain the need to cancel, and send the message.

Note: If the buyer has opened an item not received case or the seller has an active unpaid item request, the order cannot be cancelled.

For orders that can’t be canceled:

The seller may have already shipped an item or rejects the cancellation request. If so, the buyer must receive the item and initiate a return request.

Paying for your item

When buyers purchase or bid on an item, it is a promise that the purchase will be completed. The item must be paid for even if the buyer changes their mind or wants to cancel the order later. If the item isn’t paid for, the seller can open an unpaid item resolution case.

When a seller does this, the buyer must either pay for the item or submit an explanation for not making the promised payment. Otherwise the buyer risks having an unpaid item recorded on their account. Too many canceled orders for a buyer’s account may also limit their activity on the platform.

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