Resolving Seller Issues

Problems with a seller? Try contacting them directly to resolve any issue. We’re here to resolve any issues that require mediation.

If a purchase is in error, an item hasn’t arrived or must be returned, please review our resources for those processes.

Occasional problems can occur with buyers or sellers, which is why we’ve compiled helpful resources to deal with any potential issues and resolve them to everyone’s satisfaction.

To Contact Sellers

If you need to contact a seller, there are numerous ways to do so, whether you’ve bought an item from them or not. We recommend talking with sellers directly to resolve any issues with orders.

To Appeal Unpaid Items

Once an item has been purchased, the buyer must pay for it as quickly as possible. If the buyer hasn’t been within 2 days of auction or purchase, the seller can open an unpaid item case against them and create a support ticket. If this occurs, find out when and how you can appeal this.

How to Handle Feedback Disputes

If a transaction has any issue arise, buyers can leave a negative rating or review for sellers. But sellers can dispute this if they believe it isn’t appropriate or fair.

How to Report an Item or Seller Issue

We want buyers and sellers to have a safe and secure transaction experience. If any seller violates our user policies, please notify us so we can investigate.

How to Avoid Seller Fraud

Seller fraud means that a seller intentionally doesn’t accurately represent themselves or the products they sell. Discover how to detect any suspicious activity.

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