Our Transaction Payment Solutions if buyer doesn’t pay

In most sales situations, the buyer finalizes the transaction by providing their payment confirmation and details. However, payments are occasionally delayed or voided for a variety of reasons. We highly recommend that, if this is the case, you reach out to the buyer directly in order to resolve the payment problem. Of course, our team is here to help resolve potential payment issues if it escalates to that level.

As a seller, do you normally traffic with high-volume products and are moving a greater number of transactions on a regular basis? Our unpaid transaction policy can help automate the resolution process should any of these run into payment problems.Without this solution in place, though, please use the following process as a recommended resolution approach with buyers:

  • Get in touch with the buyer themselves to see what reason they can supply for non-payment. Maybe they didn’t see the notification about their auction win or purchase confirmation. Or they need to make another arrangement to process payment details.Message the buyer
  • Send an invoice to the buyer as a way to remind them that they are now obligated to pay for the purchased item. Look in your profile history and find the sold item, clicking on the Invoice option to start this.View items sold

Have you established contact with the buyer, invoiced them, and still not received payment or adequate explanation for lack thereof?

  1. Once a listing is complete and an item has been purchased or won at auction, buyers have 2 business days to complete the payment before you should report an unpaid item status. Our team will receive notification of this and will start looking into the matter. If an item unpaid for more than 30 days and no unpaid item query is opened during that time, it may not be eligible for further resolution.
  2. Buyers who are the focus of an unpaid item case have 4 business days to respond, whether by providing rationale for the unpaid status or providing payment details to finalize the transaction. If 5 business days pass without resolution, the unpaid item is marked on their account activity and the product can be relisted and resold.

Don’t just let unpaid products go unresolved. It’s important for both buyer and seller accounts to get these issues addressed. Not only should non-paying buyers be flagged, but you won’t receive credits back to your account for the value fee.

Our team relies on sellers like you to report non-paying buyers so we can step in and help the matter and also be aware of potential payment problems on the platform. Don’t get negative feedback or otherwise by neglecting resolving payment issues. Also, you may need to, in auction situations, contact the next-highest bidder so they have a chance to win the item.

Note: Don’t ship a purchased or won item from auction until payment is confirmed to avoid losing out on that cost in case of an unpaid situation.

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