Discover Our Money-Back Guarantee!

Enjoy absolute peace of mind while shopping on Grumpy Cherry.

Your positive experience is our top priority, and if that’s why we’ve established our expansive return policies for all sellers, and money-back guarantees for all buyers. Please refer to our FAQs to determine exactly how these policies work.

Money-Back Policy Process: Open My Grumpy Cherry For any items that either have not arrived or do not match the seller’s description, go to your Dashboard and create a support ticket for the specific item from your orders. Is your issue fixed? Please allow for 3 business days to have an issue resolved before contacting us. Get your money back quick! Our team will handle your return request within 48 hours.

How To Return An Item! We make item returns simple! Grumpy Cherry has a robust return policy, helping ease any issues buyers and sellers experience in transactions. Each seller’s individual return policy may differ, so check their profiles before making a purchase or bid.

Step 1: Begin your return Go to your Dashboard and select the item you wish to return from your orders.

Step 2: Return the item Return the item to the seller as quickly as possible to expedite refunds.

Step 3: Get your refund If the seller won’t return your money for any reason, contact us to resolve the issue.

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